Sunday, March 29, 2009

Being true to yourself

Most of the time, we put on a mask just to fit in with others. And it became such a habit that we forget to be who we truly are. Sometimes, we think by putting a mask it helps us to fit in. It may be true and it may be not, however, we're not bring true to ourselves. What we are today are mostly influenced by the society and the people whom we mix with.

We tend to do things just to pleased others but we forget to about ourselves. We become so self-counscious around certain people because we're afraid to be judge. It's about time we stand up and live life the way we want it to be. No one can live your life for you as you take control of it. And hey! Having confidence in yourself doesn't mean you're putting up a mask.

And sometimes, we tend to allow others tell us which path we should take. No matter what, it depends on situations as well. So live life to the fullest as it is all about now and not the past nor the future.

Li Ching
3:37 PM

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Eric Sim aka Kukuthebird

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