Thursday, June 04, 2009

Accepting ideas of others

Well, look at the quote above and take a moment to think about it. Many of times, we want others to follow the things that are done our way. We tend to think that our ways are always right while others aren't. But then again, it's good to receive other people's opinion because our opinions are just a small part of the big picture. By receiving and accepting other people's idea, we get to see another perspective of it. I mean hey! If you can't accept ideas from others, what makes you think that others can accept yours?

Yes, we may not be able to accept certain ideas but do respect it. Especially when it comes to sensitive issues, do think first whether would it benefit others. Everyone has their own point of view, so therefore instead of trying to change people's perception , we should try to accept it as it is. It doesn't kill to do so , does it? I agree that it is hard to do so at times but we just have to set our ego aside.

Despite accepting other people's idea, we have to reason it out sometimes. And sometimes, certain things are unexplainable. And if you find it difficult to accept ideas from others, please refrain for making fun or discriminating it. It doesn't show that your idea is better. But then again, it depends on the situation whether is it school, work, religion or family matter.

There can be many different methods on getting or achieving something. Take examinations for example. Some people find it easier to study alone and others might prefer to study in a group or go for tuition. It doesn't mean everyone has to stick to one way to pass the examination and it also doesn't mean that studying in a group is better than studying alone. It varies among individuals.

And the great thing is that when we're open to other ideas, we gain more knowledge and wisdom. In the end, it really doesn't kill us to accept ideas from others.

Li Ching
1:37 PM

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